Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers are a common complication of poorly controlled diabetes, forming as a result of skin tissue breaking down and exposing the layers underneath. They’re most common under your big toes and the balls of your feet, and they can affect your feet down to the bones. All people with diabetes can develop foot ulcers […]

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Diabetic Nephropathy |WDEC2018

Kidney disease among diabetics is commonly called diabetic nephropathy. Statistically, around 40% of people with diabetes develop nephropathy but it is possible to prevent or delay through control of both blood glucose and blood pressure levels. Diabetes affects the arteries of the body and as the kidneys filter blood from many arteries, kidney problems are […]

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Diabetes | Researchers | WDEC2018

Diabetes is the most common disorder by which the patients get pierced for 1800approx. per year in the body. Normally, type of this disorder is Type I & II, Gestational, Mody and Etc. However, for all the types, the patients must have their own body control regarding the diet and nutrition segment. These two are […]

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Diabetic – Cardiovascular Complications

People with diabetes are highly prone to cardiovascular complications like Atherosclerosis which is the build-up of deposits called plaques. This form in large arteries and its narrow arteries and can reduce blood flow to the heart and to the other important parts. This form is called as Coronary heart diseases (CHD). Partial blockage of the coronary arteries produces […]

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